Anna Williams Inspired Quilt

big job to quilt all this!

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I really like this quilt. I am working on one somewhat similar. I just came across this this morning but who knows maybe I’ve seen it before. I think you would enjoy Katie’s entire set of photos she has on this project. I know I do. Especially the one that shows the back of the quilt.

I added one of the photos to a gallery I have of the best scrap quilts ever. It’s actually the second gallery because I hit the 18 photo limit on the first.

Here’s this link to the first

In fact now that I think about it. I read this article about Anna Williams and I am certain I started my quilt shortly after reading it.

I love every quilt I see of hers.


This is how far I got from October 4th to December 13th. It’s always a slow go process for me!

This is one of my current projects. I have been working on it off and on for a couple months now. I am fascinated by the coin quilts I see on Flickr. This one is all itsy bitsy scraps left over from cutting the 1 1/2 inch squares for my Triple Irish Chain. I had all these little scraps and couldn’t throw them away. Now they are the beginnings of a new quilt. I have seen the calendar quilts on Flickr too and thought what if I do a row each month. Well ….I may still keep adding to this in 2010 and incorporate that idea into this quilt. I would like it to be a crib size quilt when finished. I am just going to square it off and bind. It will have a true scrap quilt feel to it. Here is one of the quilts that inspired this project by crazymomquilts.

Here is a birthday coin quilt by Hillary Lang from 2005. 243 people call this one a favorite!
A month ago I found the 2009 Coin Quilt piece-along group. It is just like me to join the last month of the 2009 year! I am certain though that all the quilts I have seen on Flickr throughout this last year influenced my starting this project!

Here is my coin quilt back when I first started it.


This photo is fun to look at in Flickr because I was able to put a tag on the different items in the photo.  I like this feature and have enjoyed it in other photos I have seen do it.

Breakfast is ready. Have a wonderful 1st day of the NEW YEAR!

Note: spent some time today puttiing 64 uncatagoried blog posts into Catagories. One step toward becoming more organized!


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  1. Tonya Ricucci Says:

    Hi, we definitely love the same kinds of quilts. I was searching on Anna Williams and found you. AQS is considering reprinting the catalog they did about Anna back in 1995. If you’re interested in the book, let them know over here at this post:

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