The moon from our back door tonight!

The moon from our back door tonight!

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I really did rush home as fast as I could! I wanted to go sledding while the sun was still out. We did it!

The camera I use holds a charge for about 60 seconds. I quickly took some shots before it was too late!

I know his heart was beating faster already by this time….just the thought of going down that hill!

He’s already looking down the hill calculating how to hit the biggest bump with his mom on the board!

“Mom, it’s not a board it’s a bodyglove!” My children and their technicalities!

I think he’ll be a lawyer just like his big brother!

We went sledding until the moon was overhead and my toes were very cold!

I do love how great I feel after exercise and fresh air.

The question is how will I feel tomorrow???


One Response to “The moon from our back door tonight!”

  1. isathreadsoflife Says:

    Beautiful smile :))) I am sure you feel great after the fun and so do your toes 😉 wonderful picture of the moon.

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