My Friend

My Friend

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This is my friend Carol. I was thinking today “I don’t have a picture of Carol and I together”, so I took my camera to the wake today. Her husband died from pneumonia a few days ago and tonight was the wake. She was determined to make Christmas and these days a celebration of her husband’s life. She refuses to wear black…so I made a point of not wearing black too. I went later in hopes that we would have some time together afterward.

They did a really cool thing where they had his hats and t-shirts from his life.

The t-shirt top right says “Property Of – My Wife”

A fur hat purchased in Russia, one from Austria and two others were among his collection of hats.

Carol thought it would be ice-breakers for family and friends to start conversations with each other.

These items were from all the different facets of his life. He worked after his retirement at Cub, he was from North Dakota, Worlds Best Dad, etc…

The red t-shirt was his painting shirt. They had just painted the church walls and wore this shirt. The chapel is being used for the first time for this funeral. There is this feeling that “things happen for a reason”.

Isn’t this just the best photo ever. I told Carol. It has so much love in it.

There were two albums full of photos.

And two daughters full of love.



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