A Christmas Tree in Purple!


Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

These decorations came out of a box that has been tucked away for at least 6 years if not more. I couldn’t find my multi colored tree lights this season and as the days grew closer to Christmas I had to make a decision…..no lights or pull out the purple.

This is Vikings territory! That isn’t the reason 20 years ago I started collecting purple decorations. It wasn’t as popular back then and as I saw the purple decorations here and there they called out to me.

When we first moved into this house in March of 1996 these are the decorations that were on our first tree. I had them on the tree for a few years and then tucked them away……way back in the furnace room. Of course when it came to decorate this year these were the only decorations I could find!

You have to understand I decorated the tree after having the flu…. a flu that started with our youngest and moved violently from one person to the next. It’s been two weeks and my stomach still feels a little quezy after I eat.

As I was putting the ship on the tree I thought how fitting. We have watched “Pirates of the Carribean” so many times in the past few years!

I’ll have to photograph the motorcycle Santa again. I know it is blurry. It would have been nice to get a new camera this holiday season but the kids came first!

This is a memorial ornament. My New Years resolution for the past few years has been to get my motorcycle out of storage and tuned up and running. It will take a little money. It has been in storage since my brother died in 1984. We were out riding together when he was struck by a car …. without a helmet… Santa doesn’t have a helmet in this ornament. I wish he did.

He’s got the cutest face ever. My Santa is big and bulky and kind of takes over whatever section of the tree he is on. I do like him so much. I like all the ornaments so much it would be hard to pick a favorite. He is up there though.

When I look at this photo I wish the beads were a little closer to the surface on the top half of the tree….but does it really matter. Look at the excitement, joy, surprise, magic in my little guy!

I was hoping and praying for this… he has been questioning whether Santa is “REAL”.

I have to say the “Magic of Christmas” is REAL. The “Spirit of Christmas” is REAL too.

Merry Christmas to All. Even when it’s PURPLE!

Auntie Julie loves purple. It is her favorite color. She only had lights on her tree this year. No decorations. I was thinking next season we could take these two boxes of ornaments and decorations over to Auntie Julies and do up her tree in purple…. I think she would like that!


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