Christmas Stars….today’s project!

Today’s Project!

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I hope to work on this today!

I have these cardboard design boards hanging from the ceiling in my quilt room.

Each one has a different project on it.

This one I began on October 11, 2003. I finished one miniature quilt and gave it as a gift to one of the Quiltin’ Babes!

I didn’t get a photo of it. I still can some day….I hope.

I think it comes from the book, “Wear Warm Clothes”. It is one of the first quilt books I ever purchased way back when the Quiltin’ Babes was in it’s infancy.

I have the directions for one square hand written on the sheet of paper with the pinned pieces to it and the date. My attempt to be organized in my disorganized state!

After being on Flickr early this morning…trying to be quiet while everyone else slept….I started to sew on a few ongoing projects. This one has been on my “I hope to work on this season” list.

It can be strip pieces by cutting strips on 1 inch width of red and green and then sewing them together. You then subcut the strips tp 1 inch and then sew the strips together until you have a 36 patch.

The question today is do I sew or do I take the blue painters tape off the walls in the kitchen so we can get the kitchen back together! We started painting and then everyone in the entire house came down with the flu…..a nasty, horrible, disgusting, I’m so glad it’s over, case of the flu!

Hopefully we’ll get both done!

We had our own Christmas miracle yesterday. Grandpa and his friend invited us over for Christmas dinner. The first time since they started living together about 6 years ago. It was a big step for this complicated family of ours. She’s younger than we are ….but older in many ways. She has 5 children, one still at home came for Thanksgiving this year….another first. We met 3 of the 4 remaining adult children yesterday…and many of the grandchildren. I brought apuzzle along and the kids helped off and on but especially once we got down to the last 50 pieces of a 300 piece puzzle. The meal was fantastic and we all left feeling closer and more hopeful for the future.

Grandma died of cancer in 1995. About a year before she died she and Grandpa moved into an apartment and we moved into the house. Our older son was only 5 years old at the time. Being back in the house brought back a lot of memories. We miss Grandma so much.  It is her sister, Aunt Carolyn, that just died last month. They are now finally together in heaven. I have never seen two sisters closer in my entire life. It is a pleasant thought to think they are together again.

Hope for the future. My only wish would have been that Julie and the girls could have been there. They are in Colorado visiting Julie’s niece and her new baby. Usually we are at Julie’s the day after Christmas.

Life works in mysterious ways.

I finished two blocks! I have a few more ready to sew together… but this is good for one day. My son and I played Othello for the first time.  He won the first game and I won the second.


2 Responses to “Christmas Stars….today’s project!”

  1. Ann Champion Says:

    I’m happy to have found your blog!
    I really like the miniature you have in progress! It looks it shouldn’t take too much more to have it together as a top?

    It’s nice that the family was able to get together. Maybe some “fences will be mended”? In the end..I think we find that it’s best to let the past go if there’s unpleasant feelings..and try to do better in the future? Best wishes to you and yours! 🙂

  2. Christmas Stars « Quiltedthrifted’s Weblog Says:

    […] laid out the pieces I have finished so far for my Christmas Star I blogged about back on Dec 26th. I came across more fabric for it today while sifting though bags of scraps for the Spider Bee I am […]

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