Our Wreath of Pine Branches

Our Wreath of Pine Branches

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Sometimes I wonder how I get it all done….
Work 7a -5p today
then run to get our son at Adventure Club
then run home to grab a bit to eat…
then off the cub scouts…den leader…
met at the library..set up and took a tour
enrolled 2 boys for library cards
helped them check out books
got a call my Dad is in the hospital
called my family members to let them know
ran to the church to enlist the help of the boy scouts
for the festival Friday night. I got two more volunteers. Yes!
Ran home…checked up on my Dad…all looks fine
he’s on an IV with blood thinner possible blood clot…
backpack check on the homework
bedtime snack
teeth brushed…..son lost a tooth at school today…under the pillow it goes!
Advent wreath ..took some photos
to bed……
tomorrow more of the same!


One Response to “Our Wreath of Pine Branches”

  1. isathreadsoflife Says:

    Oh, what busy days you are having, Theresa ! And you still have time to post such lovely Advent pictures, thanks a lot.

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