First Sunday of Advent

Reading from the book Advent from A to Z.

First Sunday of Advent

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After reading from the book Advent from A to Z he blew out the candle on this first Sunday of Advent. We were able to get branches from a pine tree at my sister’s today and created an advent wreath with real pine branches. It was just like the one my parents made for us when I was a little girl. As my son read from the children’s Advent book I took a small piece of the pine branch and broke it in half and breathed in the pine scent. It is a wonderful smell.

For a few years of my childhood the pines in our 10 acres of land were the perfect size and we sold Christmas trees were folks could come and cut down their own tree. I remember it so well.
Please take a moment to look at this gallery of wonderful
First Sunday of Advent photos from other Flickr members.…

I was also able to get a little thrift store shopping  in this weekend and came home with 3 placemats for 29 cents each! I can’t wait to set a table with them.

The quilting was done in red thread. It really is spectacular looking. The only thing I regret is I wasn’t able to get a 4th one.

Oh well, I will use them when just the 3 of us are here. Which with our older son in college that is most of the time now.

29 cents each…..can you believe it! Yeah!

Happy 1st Sunday of Advent everyone.  From our house to yours.


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