Last Home Gopher Game of the Season!

Last Home Gopher Game of the Season!

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Over Dad’s right shoulder is our older son with the team. Wow, it’s hard to believe the home season is over. Our son was a Red Shirt this year. He met with the head coach Wednesday and was told if he keeps up the good work he has a good chance at starting next year. It would be a dream come true for all of us. They could have used his S*P*I*R*I*T out on the field today because it was a tough game. Oh my we missed a lot of passes. The scoring on both sides was by field goals and a defensive interception by the gopher for a touch down. The offensive line did not score one touchdown. Ouch! It was cold out there. I could have used 3rd pair of socks!




We saw the game from a very different spot this week. We were up on the second floor behind the band area under the large screen. It gave us this great view of the city. Luckily I remembered my glasses this week. I didn’t have them last week but then we were a lot closer.


Last week we were given tickets at the 50 yard line in the front row….handicap section….but great seats! The weather was the best you could ever have for a football game! The pre-game had two parachuters drop onto the field just as we were finishing the Star Spangled Banner. Then during half time they swore in  4 women and 3 men as new recruits to the Army. We were right there in front watching the entire thing. It was so great! We lost and it was a tough loss for the team. It still was fun. We went over to our son’s apartment after the game the sat around and discussed the game and school. He is maturing every day.

Today at the game I called a niece that was there in the student section and we met up with her for hugs and to talk. She is a freshman this year. She said school is lot harder than she ever thought it would be. Wow, she was just a little girl hiding behind her Mommy not too long ago.


IMGA0284Someone had a really great time at the game. The highlight was the tatoos to the face. A quick second is the fact he got to bring his DS along. He played it constantly until the battery ran out!


Goldy the Gopher on one side and the Gopher helmet on the other.

We didn’t have the camera with us last week. I’m glad we brought it today!


I saw some pretty nice tied fleece blankets today. I would like to get some fabric and make some for Christmas gifts. We hope to have two more years of Gopher football. I already mapped out the 5 away games for next year. Three of them go through the Chicago area where my half sister lives and my niece. (The older sister to the one I saw today.)

If our older son get’s a starting spot or even second string he should get a scholarship for next year. It sure would be nice. He has worked really hard this season and has had such a positive attitude. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it has been to red shirt a year after playing two years. He has always wanted to be out there…..every play if possible. In high school he played….defense…offense…and special teams on the kicks and kick returns….he did it all!


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