Home with a sick child day…

Jan’s Quilts 47

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I’ll be busy today being Mommy to a very sick child as soon as he wakes up.

We need a little sunshine in the form of a quilt today because I have one little guy who is running a very high fever. He’s still sleeping in our bed after climbing in at 1a.
It was one of those nights were he tip toes in the room and his shirt is soaking wet from the fever breaking. We changed it and let him climb in with us. Sometimes it’s the only way you get any sleep.

Daddy and I had a cup of coffee this morning before he was off to work. I went to feel the little one’s head and it is hot again.  Oh yeah…I suppose I better go call the school. Good thing I remembered! 🙂 You get so caught up in the moment.


School was called and you know what she said “give us a call back if he get’s diagnosed with something”. I remember when my older son was in elementary school they sent a note home to advise us when someone had chickenpox in the classroom. I haven’t seen anything like that this year. An automated message did call before the school year started to let us know the children would be washing their hands when they came in the building each day and asked us to have them wash their hands immediately upon coming home. Our son does this each day without even being asked to. He immediately goes to the bathroom and washes his hands…..with soap. They apparently are getting the message across. At least to one child!

He has eaten a corner of toast and taken a spoonful of Ibuprofen. He is tucked in bed watching Ch 2.  We are going to do a crafting project today if he feels well enough. A load of dishes are soaking in the sink. One section of counter top is cleaned off! How is it things get so out of control? I have to plan the boy scouts night tonight. Dad may be staying home with a sick child while mom is out scouting! Off to finish the dishes!!!!

Of course I called Grandma too. To let her know her Grandson is sick. She is in the middle of a home perm. She said it saves her 50 bucks. She’s right!

Lunchtime of Campbells chicken noodle  soup and peanut butter crackers and then a game of Junior Monopoly. Mommy won and that didn’t go over too well.


A little pouting so off to bed to read a story.

The Last Of The Wizards by Rona Jaffe.



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