Here is the row I did on an exchange quilt

Here is the row I did on an exchange quilt

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I am home and it feels good. I just spent two days with my family and I am familied out. When our oldest son was little  Daddy would come home from work and I would occassionally pass the child and say “I am so babied out!” Well tonight I am familied out and a bit stressed because my youngest spiked a fever at around 6pm tonight 99.8 and by 7p it was up to 104. Not good. He slept the 1 1/2hrs  it takes to get home laying down in the back seat of the car. He went straight to bed after a bit of children’s medicin.

My mother is just starting to feel better after two weeks with a bronchial infection. Now she was just in the same room as my son the past two evening.  Ahhhh. Drives me crazy to think she could get sick again.

My sister’s two younger ones are usually always sick and of course this weekend they were healthy. So now if they get sick it is my fault! And her two grandchildren were there….ahhhh two more who could also get sick….

I woke at 530a this morning and spent a few hours on the computer playing with Galleries on Flickr for the 1st time. I really enjoyed putting together clusters of interests I have.  I can now put photos in catagories of interest when I see something I really like.

But of course they all jumped on my case after a while for being on the computer. Even though everyone was watching the Viking beat the Packers in football. Yesterday the Gophers won too. We have had a great weekend of watching football. My Mr was at the game with his buddies and my older brother and wife were there too (up in one of the specialty rooms) If the Gophers win one of their next 3 games they’ll go to a bowl game.

I was able to hand sew on a few blocks for my diamond quilt. I’ll try to post photos this week. I did about 10 blocks last weekend. They are all hand sewn. It’s nice to have a hand project to work on.

Off to bed….may have to stay home with a sick child in the morning…….we’ll see.


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