Family Reunion 2009

Family Reunion Today

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My Dad’s brothers and sisters have great names. Each family had a different color shirt. My dad is Wilfred(red). His brothers are Sylvester, Roman (blue), Victor, Alphonse(orange) and sisters are Josphine (yellow), Marie(white), Carol(green), Delores and Valeria.
It was such a fun day. I tried really hard to get around and talk to every family. Of course I don’t know the younger children. Fun things about the family. The best t-shirts “The Roman Empire” Roman comes from a family of 10 children, Roman had 10 children and his 10 children had ,,,,well not 10 children but 3-8 children each.
All of Josie’s children have red hair and her grandchildren….almost all have….red hair! We rotate who hosts the reunion. It is nice because the host family usually has a majority of the family present. So each year or two we get to see different folks. The book towards the top is getting updated! Believe me we are a growing family. I will be a great auntie again twice before March.


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