Flag Quilt to celebrate the 4th of July

Flag Quilt to celebrate the 4th of July

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I decided to tie this after I started the Tied Quilt group here on flickr. I like how it turned out.  I really like all the quilt photos I see where quilts are hanging from trees. I was able to take two small stick pins to hang this one.

It is raining right now which gives me a chance to blog. My Mr is watching golf on T.V. and the youngest watching cartoon on another  T.V. The oldest is out on a boat with his friends. This gives me a chance to do some sewing. We’ve been doing a lot of running the past couple weekends so staying in is kind of nice. I haven’t blogged in a whole month! Where does the time go???

I like how the Tied Quilt group is growing. 18 members and 139 photos. Feel free to add any photos of tied quilts or closeups of tied quilts or tied quilts in the making!


I pledge allegiance...

I started this quilt quite a number of years ago. I have seen this Pledge of Allegiance fabric in other quilts on flickr.

I had this quilt in a large round quilting hoop hanging on my livingroom wall for about 5 years…needless to say it faded where the hoop was.

A few days before I took the hoop off I came across a photo on flickr the had been hanging over a railing on the second floor. The owner was moving the quilt and realized it had faded. Then I take mine off the hoop and see it has faded as well.

Patriotic Flag Wall Hanging

I used two colors of embroidery thread. Red for the stripes and blue where the stars are.

July 4 2009 Flag QuiltI took this with me to the park yesterday to finish sewing just 4 inches on the binding. Of course it got damp and by the time I got home some of the red bled on the second from the top row of stripes. I tried washing it out with dish soap but to no avail. If anyone has any suggestions on how to un-bleed a few blocks.

All I have left now is the label. I have a circle of the faded blue fabric safety pinned to the back. I thought I would make the label out of that fabric. It is interesting to see how it has faded over the years. The patch for the label is not faded!  Now I am thinking I will add the red piece that is bleeding to the label as well. It is just one patch of red that has bled and it is in about 4 parts of the quilt. I am not upset about it. Bigger fish to fry as I say. I want to try and incorporate it into the quilt with some stitches or rays of sunshine or something (again any suggestions would be appreciated).

jgmehlin flickr

This photo is of a quilt I saw on flickr today this is so similar to mine it is uncanny.

mini American flag


2 Responses to “Flag Quilt to celebrate the 4th of July”

  1. jeanamarie Says:

    I saw you flag on flickr and i love the softly printed fabrics you chose for it.

    I also wanted to thank you for your kind words about my little petticoats and playing along the other day! I really do appreciate it 🙂


  2. Helen Says:

    Look at that! You have a website. (This is the Helen in Reno) My computer sputtered to a stop last week, so I have not kept up with stuff online. I just looked at your profile on flickr and see that you are a Geo. Winston fan. A friend of mine is employed by him via the internet. No kidding! Email me and I will tell you a short story about his generosity. Too bad there aren’t more like him!

    BTW, that flag is a work of art!

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