Cats ‘N Dogs Quilt

Here is a capture of the quilt – the last two rows have a different color green on the border!

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

There is another row on the top and a half row on the bottom. Thrift store find.
$12.99 less $5.00 off coupon!

IMGA0262-1 IMGA0271-1









IMGA0265-1 IMGA0266-1








I  just get so excited when I find a quilt like this at the thrift store!




Some of my quilts I have worked on for 30 years! There are so many different fabric styles in one quilt. This one has fabrics from on time period.



IMGA0272-1 YES!

I can’t believe I got this for $7.99



IMGA0281-1 This photo shows the front and back on the quilt. It seems like the quilter did not intend on putting a backing over the embroidery stitches.

It would be a summer weight quilt.



I think the back looks just about as cool as the front!


The ladies were over last night and we looked over the quilt. We talked about turning the edges inward and putting rik rak around the edge of the quilt. The only thing is this thing is gig-nor-mous!


I don’t know what is up with the bottom half row. The last two borders of green are also a different color. I am going to put the quilt on our queen size bed and see if it needs the length on the bottom. If it doesn’t I will take this half row off.

IMGA0267-1 This stripe fabric is so great!



It’s a treasure. There is no question about it!





If these ears were just a little bit longer she would look like our Buttercup!



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