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Invasion of the 9 Patches

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This is the “Quiltin’ Babes” at our finest! I treasure this photo and now I treasure it even more.

I found out this week that my friend Jan is dying of breast cancer that has metastacized to her liver. Nine years ago she battled breast cancer successfully. This week she went into the doctors office because she felt tired and had shortness of breath. They admitted her to the hospital and we found out last night at our Tuesday “Quilting Babes” meeting that she will not be coming home. We have been meeting every other Tuesday for 15 years.

We made a list of our phone numbers and hours we are available to go to the hospital and sit with her. May 8 2007 Jan’s husband passed away. They had a son who died of a heart attack just prior to that. Now her daughter Susie is preparing herself for another loss.

There are 12 of us in the Babes quilting group and 11 of us gathered last night to sit together. There were tears and stories and sadness and a bit of fear at the quickness and sudden change that takes place in a moments time.

As I am writing this Wednesday May 6 935am I just got an email that Jan died early this morning. She is the beautiful woman on the top row with the blue shirt over the red sweater.








Our Christmas party 2008


 January 2008 Retreat weekend at Lydia’s. I was able to lighten this photo somewhat and the updated version is on my Flickr page. May 8 2009cam-corder-pictures-28591


imga0840In this row by row Jan made the pinwheel row.








May 8 2009.

Jan’s funeral will be on Monday.


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