Tulip Quilt / Happy Spring Everyone

Tulip Quilt / Happy Spring Everyone

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One of the earlier quilts I made. It is now hanging in my dining room. If you notice the top row has 30 squares and the bottom has 29. It’s just how is was in those days when I didn’t have an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance!

The binding is open still on the bottom to put a label on the quilt. I have the book I made this quilt from. It is the first quilt book I ever purchased. I still like many of the quilts in the book.  I’ll find it and add it.

It was a busy day today. I did a major cleaning of my son’s room. Swept the ceiling, wiped down the walls, swept and moped the floor, and wiped down the baseboards. The bookshelf in his room still needs organizing and dusting. The toys also need to be sorted and stored.

There are two shelves on the wall and I took everything off and wiped down the shelves and took a vacuum cleaner to the stuffed animals. I have a small chair collection on the top shelf and I wiped them down as well. I put all the teddy bears in storage until late fall. I believe in rotating toys and stuffed animals to keep up the interest.

We went thrifting yesterday and found a great deal on a pair of rollerblades for the young one. Size 2-3 perfect for him. They only cost $2.49  and they had knee pads as well for .49

I also found two egg cups for Easter.  We saw two at an antique shop on Thursday and they were $24.00 each. That is probably why I am not seeing them at the thrift this year. I also found a beautiful cross stitched Easter egg for the Egg tree for only 29cents. It is soooo cute!

I was pleased to find 3 puppets for my puppet collection for .69 to 1.69 each.

I wanted to buy some little stuffed rabbits but I already have so many. We did find a black and purple monkey for Jane and gave it to her for her birthday along with the Harry Potter figures. We like everything quilte quite a bit. There’s a freudean slip for you.

I took a break from the bedroom and got a chili going in the crock pot for dinner. I then  trimmed the crab apple tree out front and took the branches and put in two containers. One for inside the house and one for outside on the deck. I put together an Easter Egg Tree with lights and painted eggs. It is shining in the front window this evening. I put the branches in water in a plastic juice container and weighted it down with a rock. I then wrapped it with a towel for thickness and put it inside a crock pot.

I then took everything out of my car and my younger son vacuumed it out for me. I have the floor mats soaking in the laundry tub to clean. Tomorrow I will take soap and water to the car and it will have a wonderful spring cleaning as well.

By this time my older son and one of his roommates from college  stopped in at home for an hour or so on their way to another friends house.  The university he goes to is 2 hours away, but…his girlfriend was on springbreak this past week and he was on springbreak the week before so they haven’t seen each other in two weeks. I had a feeling we might be seeing him this weekend. She goes to the university here is town.

I ache from head to toe. I soaked in the tub and started a Danielle Steele novel. Good Woman. My older son gave it to me for Christmas and I haven’t read it yet.

It is story time for the young one and I am going to read a little. Not one speck of sewing done today. I did unpack a wonderful small wall quilt that I will post tomorrow.


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