Thrift Haul

Thrift Haul

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I got an invite for a new group pool today so I went around the house and collect my most recent thrift purchases. I don’t think any of them have been photographed yet.

So here goes and attempt at a list…

House shaped shadow box

House shelving unit for Owl collection

Owl Bell I received from my younger son for Christmas…via myself of course!

Blue and yellow floral print to accent my blue glass, bowl and plate collection.

CM scrapbbo0k supplies

– 3 ring binder

– large sheet protectors

– Wilderness packette

Misc. scrapbook supplies

– plastic page case/holder

– scrapbook I put this years Christmas cards and addresses in.


– two doilies

– lady linen table runner

– vintage embroidered linen

Sewing supplies

– thimble

– needles

– thread

– Embroidery kit

Books and Mags

– 2 HP books and figures (already photographed)

– one on making pillows

– one Engebrite book

– one mag

Miniature Chair

Plant stand with squirrel theme

Two tier tin plant holder

Bird House Kit


2 Beer Steins


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