String Piece Diamond Quilt

String piece quilting has always fascinated me even back in the late 70s early 80s!

A bag of scrapsscraps

We’ve had a sick house since two weeks ago and not much energy to do anything. I dumped out a bag of scraps and sorted them by color.

I have this diamond String Piece quilt I started back in the 70s. It moves around my studio.

I make a square here and there and the quilt is slowly evolving.

I got the idea from a picture in a magazine.  It was a fashion magazine with the quilt hanging in the background. I know I cut it out and it is in a 3 ring binder some where. When I find it I will scan it in the computer and add it to the post. This is where the quilt is at …. as of March 2009.

A year or so ago I decided to square
off one side and the bottom of the
quilt so I had a direction to work in.
I did not know about foundation
piecing at the time so the earlier
diamonds do not have fabric
behind them. The newer ones that I
am doing are on a cloth foundation.
I find that worn out pillow cases are
so thin and soft they are perfect for
this.  I like the idea of using what is


A String piece diamond quilt is a great way to use up small scraps of fabric.  I don’t want too many rules in this quilt. imga0779

Gingham fabric was some of the first fabrics I ever worked with. Note the red and blue fabrics above are typical and from the 70s when this quilt was started.


I started by

using a

plain white

sheet for

the  background.

I have made diamonds that represent other quilt projects I have made over the years. You will see an example of this below.

Here is another diamond that is definitely one of the first I made.

For a while in the mid to late 80s I lived with my father.

I have a sister from his second marriage/divorce that is 17 years
younger than I am. She was living with
her mother at the time.
There was a bag of scrap fabric in the
basement of my dad’s house.
He had made Tori a doll house and
her mom had given her a bag of scraps
to make doll clothes with.
I used some of those scraps for these
diamonds. The little piece of yellow on
the end was the cutest piece with hearts
on it. I didn’t think of fussy cutting
at that time otherwise I would have
had a string with a better view of
the hearts.


It’s been a tough couple years. Our younger son was born a premie. He came home from the hospital in September 2001  weighing 3lb 6ox. He was so little.

I had developed HELLP syndrome and became allergic to the fetus. I was going into a coma and they had to take him quickly (within 20 minutes of getting to the hospital). Luckily he was healthy other than needing to develop more. It took a week for him to get the oxygen tubes off and they just blew air from the machine in front of his face….so many memories.

He came home and of course could not go straight into a daycare…like my older son. 3 weeks old and I was back to work. With the younger one he needed to have a shot for the Respiratory Virus through the winter. I guess premies are more suseptible to get the virus than other babies. I stayed home almost a year.

It’s funny because he started crawling at 11 months and two weeks later I had a neighbor who ran an in home daycare start taking care of him. Within another two weeks he was walking. All he needed was to see those other toddlers moving around and off he went.  When I think back to when his older brother was that age….started walking when he was 9 months old. He did everything early, fast and well. He still does.

I worked for a year. During that time my Mr lost his job through outsourcing of his department to another country. There was a lot of that going on in 2002-2005.


Took a few months for him to land a new job. Unfortunately that one lasted about a year due to downsizing.  Then a few months until another job.  A company was developing a night shift crisis line.  That lasted 6 months.  Oh my goodness. Now we are in a recession with unemployment worse than it has ever been.

This is what my Mr does when he takes a break from the job search process.  Takes shots of birds eating in the back yard.


He also has named the squirrel that frequently raids the bird seed Chester.

Chester I have rarely purchased quilt fabric in bulk. 2-3 yards at one time. I really have not made a complete
quilt out of brand new fabric. Luckily I like scrap quilts. So now in my life when I can not justify
purchasing large amounts of fabric I am using up the bags of scraps that I have. I also do have my quilt

group on every other Tuesday. They know I love working with 1 1/2 in strips of fabric and will

occasionally bring me a bag of their cut offs/left overs.  A few of them only buy enough fabric for the
project they are working on and use it completely getting rid of any remaining fabric. They do not
start a new project until they have completely finished the first. Most of them then send their completed
quilt tops off to a machine quilter to have the quilting done. I believe it is a minimum $100.oo to send
a quilt to have machine quilted. That won’t be in my budget for some time. I also have a number of quilt
tops that are finished but need to be quilted.  I’m in no hurry. I hope I will be around for awhile.


Sunday I found myself working with pink. Subconsciously maybe I am beginning to

think of Easter. In actuality it came from one of the piles I had sorted.

It was just there!


The diamonds don’t match up and I didn’t care or even think too much about it at that time.

Now I am using a foundation that should make precision better….but do I want that??? I was starting to worry that one side of the quilt would be a lot longer than the other.  I am hoping I can still correct this.


A pink diamond that was already in the quilt.


Signature Quilt

This diamond was made shortly after the Signature Block Wall Quilt I wrote about in a previous post.

I am back to working with what I have in the house. Which believe me is a lot. It is nice to have found Flickr and WordPress and can spend some time writing about the projects and do something that feels creative.


7 Responses to “String Piece Diamond Quilt”

  1. sewplay Says:

    I absolutely love this quilt. It is one of the loveliest I have ever seen. It would be fantastic for Anita’s ‘collecting scraps’ Flikr site, via ‘bloomin’ workshop’.

  2. quiltedthrifted Says:

    Thanks Sewplay. I found her blog.
    and the group Collecting Scraps.
    The would be a great group for me to join because it would
    challenge me to finish a project. I rarely do. I enjoy the process
    so much I rarely finish anything. I could put in my doll quilt though.
    I really appreciate your comment. I like this quilt and it is perfect for me because I can just keep adding to it.
    I struggled with the writing of this POST.
    I am not certain how to set margins. I’ll just keep learning as I go. Any suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated!

  3. MaddyLane Says:

    Hi Teresa, Your creations are so fabulous, such exquisite details. Thnak you for your kind visit. I also have two boys the same age as your 😉
    Have a great day!

  4. sewplay Says:

    Hi Teresa, Did you recieve my email, via Flickr address? projects. I agree, for a projest just to show some promise is enough for me. Finishing isn’t everything.I love the photos of birds and squirrels also. I do wish your husband all the best with job hunting. The economic situation is making it so difficult all over. All the best, Kathy/Piece Play/sewplay

  5. quiltedthrifted Says:

    Kathy and Maddy thanks so much for leaving comments. I brought this quilt to my sister’s to make a few diamonds and now she has me making pillows and pillow covers for the largest bankette I have ever seen. 6feet long then 16 feel long and then another 6 feet long. Can you imagine the number of pillows I need to make!!!

  6. isathreadsoflife Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful way of quilting. I simply love your quilt. Using scraps is my motto this year. So many lovely left overs from other quilts are patiently waiting for a renewal of some sort ! I can relate to a lot you are saying about your boys… As time passes, the sky clears, mind and heart get lighter. Have a beautiful week-end Teresa.

  7. quiltedthrifted Says:

    Thanks isathreadsof life. I have only made a few strings these past two weeks to use in this project. I have to post what I am currently working on. My friend Jan that died of cancer had a room full of quilting supplies and her daughter had our quilting group come in and chose some fabrics and tools of the trade! I got a wonderful bag of half square blocks that I have had laying out on my livingroom floor for two weeks! My family is starting to make comments. I could sew all day!!!

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