Farm Quilt repair

Farm Quilt repair

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I was able to seam rip this square out while driving up north for my great niece’s baptism.  I took some time to take some of the strips out so I can reuse them in the new block. imga0940

This is a very worn quilt but I am determined to get a little more mileage out of it. Plus I am intrigued by taking it apart and putting it together.

imga0942 These two blocks show where a thick binding was and how the fabric has faded.


I have to make a new foundation to put these strips back on.


This is the back side where the foundation has worn completely away.

imga0946 imga0947

The quilt is warm? When it is all together.



One Response to “Farm Quilt repair”

  1. libbyquilter Says:

    good morning~!~

    this is amazing~!!~ like quilt archeology~!!~ it is fascinating to see all of these construction details and to try to build a story around this worn quilt. you have a lot of work ahead of you while restoring this one~!!~

    so glad that i came to visit your blog and will definately come back again.


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