Todays January Thrift Purchases

January Thrift purchase

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I was able to get out of the office a little early today and picked up my son from school and off to the local thrift we went. We took his older brother back to college yesterday and had to stop and get a few school supplies. A one subject Mean notebook was $4.99. I just about died. I picked up a 5 subject today for 69 cents. The older son needs notebooks and the younger one needs child safe scizzors…SCORE! I have a hard time finding the magazine holders even in office supply stores. I nabbed these up as quickly as possible. Scizzors 99 cents each (probably not that big a savings but then I justify it by thinking…well I am supporting my local thrift!) Mag holders for 3 ring binders 99 cents as well.




I like blue glass. The baking dish was $3.99 but as you can see I had a 20 percent off coupon for my entire order. That gave me an additional 3.77 off my total.


The piece on the left I already had. Now I have two Anchor baking dishes. The smaller one looks just a little darker.



I needed a pair of black shoes so badly. Now if I just don’t wear them out in the snow. The shoes were $9.99 less 20 percent…so $8.00. They don’t look worn at all. It is probably the most expensive pair of shoes I have purchased. I really needed them though. I got the best pair of brown boots last year for even a little less. They are may favorite pair of winter shoe wear. They have high heels though… it’s getting tougher to do as I get older!

I haven’t been able to wear my only pair of black shoes that go with pants. The leather on the heel peeled off. I was wondering if I could get it  replaced??? On T.V. recently they spoke about all the people who are taking their shoes to a cobbler.I have always taken my shoes in to replace the heels… in fact I have about 3 pair that need to go in now!

The reason I went thrifting today... need thread....but white thread mainly!

The reason I went thrifting today... need thread....but white thread mainly!


The thread and needles came in one plastic bag for 99 cents. The center spool is green so I had to add it to the thread garland I put together for the holidays.

The needles are interesting and something I need… self threading needles.

I didn’t even know they made such a thing.


I feel pretty good about my purchases today. I love it when I can get a new pair of thrifted shoes in mint condition plus all the other items for 1/4 the cost of a pair of shoes in a regular store.



This says credit card but it was my bank debit card. Using a credit card would defeat the purpose of going to a thrift store. I debate in my head the needs vs the wants. I really didn’t need an extra baking dish. I did need the shoes. I really didn’t need the thread. I do need the needles. The magazine holders come in handy and help my ultimate goal of having items organized! I said goal……it doesn’t happen usually. The boys will use the school supplies. All in all I really did do well.

I have a list of things I want to find…

1. cross country ski boots for small boys size 2! His pair from last year no longer fit.

2. My co-worker wants me to keep an eye your for Hanna Anderson Ski Sweaters for her boys.

3. My sister wants me to keep an eye out for ice hockey skates for her 15 year old son…size 10 – 11.

4. I do need white thread!

That’s all I can think of at this point. Time to put the little one to bed. Nite All!



2 Responses to “Todays January Thrift Purchases”

  1. Anita Jessup Says:

    Hope you like the needles better than I did. I found it hard to thread them and then they would fray the thread. I’ve stopped using them.

  2. quiltedthrifted Says:

    I didn’t have any trouble threading it but I tried hand quilting with them and shredded the tip of the finger under the quilt. I didn’t have a thimble and the jagged top of the needle tore up my finger.

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