Holiday on 44th

Holiday on 44th

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Roasted marshmallows on an outdoor open fire pit, horse drawn carriage ride, hot chocolate, magician, balloon creations, rapture program, glow sticks,carolers in the street, trying to throw snowballs at your Mommy! Note: If you look carefully you can see the marshmallow sticks held over the fire.

We even had chestnuts that were roasted on an open fire…..I haven’t had those since a trip to London back in the 80’s. I think it may be time to make another trip! I did get Mstr 7 Year old to try some of one nut…he is my fussy fuss. He spit it out…to be expected!!!

It has been a good week. Work is slow….which gives me a little time to write this.

My older son is home from college….and has a job this weekend encouraging folks to use a credit card at the local mall….it  pays money so I won’t complain. I don’t want to encourage anyone to use a credit card! His “g_ _ _ friend” found the job on CRAIG’S LIST.  It is a new world out there isn’t it!?!?!

I successfully put up my (artificial) tree last weekend and then broke the stand. I was lucky to find the exact stand at a thrift store in the area during the week. Last night I finally got the tree off the broken stand and into the new/used one. The lights are on but no decorations yet… I would like to put more lights on the tree!

I found some lights at another thrift but I plugged them in and they got really hot….oh it is so scary! I did not buy them. Some things you have to be careful about. I will go with minimal lights this year and get some new ones on closeout at the end of the season.

My major thrift purchase this week was a second artificial tree! I put it down in the TV room in the basement. I want to decorate it with vintage bulbs and homemade decorations. There are more spaces between the branches. This tree has a completely different look from the one on the main floor. Boy does our house feel small with the trees up! Last year at an antique store I purchased the metal bulb reflectors. I want to get some larger indoor bulbs so I can use these. Another time in my life where a little planning ahead would be ideal! It just never seems to happen in my life.

I spent last weekend sorting in my quilt room in order to make space for sorting through my holiday decorations…what goes up and what goes back into storage.

I can’t find my German Advent Calendars…the kind where you have a number for each day up to Christmas. I didn’t find them last year either! They may have been filed in the circulare file accidently. I hope not!

I have a list of things I can’t find…am I the only one out there who has this…

#1 Advent Calendars

#2 Happenings book

#3 My Head!!!

For Halloween I had the decorations out in the garage and of course could not locate the garage door key. We have two garages and this one is more for storage. Of course, I found the key the day after Halloween! I don’t have that many decorations, but….I drives me crazy! I have too much stuff and I believe I am such a perfectionist that organizing is done micro style and never gets completed!



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