4-patch Doll quilt in progress

4-patch Doll quilt in progress

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     I hope to make this into a doll quilt. It is our Christmas project for the Tuesday Quilt Group I am in. This year we are buying a doll and making a quilt to go with it and then donating them. I’ve got a good start. Usually it gets finished the night before it is due. This one might even get done in time.
      I often work on a piece of cardboard and use stick pins to hold the pieces down. I tend to pick and chose fabrics as I go instead of designing and laying out the entire thing and then sewing. The cardboard allows me to carry the project from my sewing room to the TV room where I set up the ironing board. The computer is in the TV room as well which is usually where by boys are hanging out.

     My older son is home from college. It is so nice to have him around. He hasn’t been feeling well for over a month. Playing football out in the cold for the past 13 Saturdays probably hasn’t helped any. He is exhausted and is slowly healing his body. A quick trip to the doctor to get antibiotics and hopefully in 4-5 days he will feel better. He has allergies to dust, mites, and cats. I have been trying to wipe down just about everything I see.

     The younger son is battling streph. He is on antibiotics as well. What fun we are having!!!  He is so attentive to taking his medication morning and night. What a difference….from the older one!

     Last night was Tiger Cub Scouts. We played some math games with 4 boys and 1 girl. The 5 parents rotated around the room to play with each child. I find it is better for the child to play with a non-parent at least in our case. Daddy was a bit impatient! That doesn’t seem to happen with someone else’s child!!! Funny how that is.  I really enjoyed the evening and the children had fun.  No candy snacks tonight…..wow, does that ever wind them up! I had sticks of gum in case the children noticed no snacks but they were having so much fun and I didn’t think about it. It will keep for next time. Our older son was not interested in Cub Scouts. We are giving it a chance with the younger one. It gives him time with other children. We live in a neighborhood that does not have many children his age.

     I feel so good today I could jump out of my skin! I want to plan something fun for this evening with my family….what should I do with a 19 year old and a 7 year old? It may be pizza and a movie…that always goes over well. Any suggestions?

November 28 2008

I just came across a  4-patch that Jude did a few years ago. It is in ginghams. I was fortunate enought to come across a garage sale and acquired an unfinished quilt in ginghams. I will take photos and post soon. Jude, I really like this. I am always fascinated by the multitude of different fabrics you work with. If anyone else has 4 patch quilts they would like to add to this post just let me know.  



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4 Responses to “4-patch Doll quilt in progress”

  1. jude Says:

    greta little project. and oh how i remember all those childhood sicknesses. such a busy time.

  2. quiltedthrifted Says:

    Jude, thank so much for letting me add your 4 patch to this page and for telling me how to do a hyperlink! I just became a little bit smarter! I’ll be hyperlinking everything now. I wondered how to link back to past posts when I am continuing on a project. Now I know how. Thanks again.

  3. Linda Says:

    Thanks for the comment on the quilting angel wall hanging. I saw a pattern for it somewhere, (can’t remember where) and just couldn’t bring myself to spend $18 for a single pattern. so I just copied it, oops I wonder if I should have done that.

  4. quiltedthrifted Says:

    Linda….I have never been to your blog before but it looks…perfect for me!!! I am excited to spend some time reading this weekend. Thanks for the comment. Copying patterns is so controversial….too much for me. I have been trying to venture away from patterns and try freestyle quilting…. it is so hard for me to do! I also love the scrappy look…just like the little quilt your angel is holding.

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