Strolling Around After Houston International Quilt Fest

I just love the shade of red in this quilt……it is fantastic!

Waxahatchi Quilt #2 Tulip Bulb – I think

I didn’t get to go this year so I pulled out some of the quilt tops I purchased in Texas after the show at Antique stores in the area. I am still excited that I took a little extra cash to make these purchases.

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Waxahatchi Quilt #2 Tulip Bulb – I think…
The second quilt top I purchased in Waxahatchi Texas. The red is so deep and strong in this quilt. The blocks are sewn together with black thread? I think that is strange… stranger yet is that it looks like one seam is machine sewn and the next is hand sewn.


I do think that the black stitching around the applique looks wonderful. I don’t even want to quilt this because it is so interesting to analyze the back of the quilt.


I do not see this pattern very often.


Here is a repair that was made prior to my purchase. I would say it is a little on the rough side but certainly keeps the hole from getting any larger.

Do you think a little mouse got at this one?


A bit of a pucker on this one…..

Two layers of fabric were quilted under this hole.








Close Up

One Block Mended


Waxahatchi Quilt Top

Waxahatchi Blu Daisy

Waxahatchi Blue

Pretty yellow

Waxahatchi Texas Antique store purchase

I really don’t know the formal name of this pattern.

Can you name this pattern?

This is one of my favorite blocks – polka dots

Tulip Bulb ?

The villian of quilts ….. mice…..

Waxahatchi Quilt






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