Autumn Quilt

Autumn Sampler


This is a top I made quite a number of years ago! I made it even before the Tuesday quilters group that I am in formed and that must have been around 1994. We purchased our current house in February of 1995. My first son was only 5 years old at the time. I think I took a class on this quilt…isn’t that strange I can’t remember back that far… scary. In fact to tell the truth I can’t even remember if my first son was born when I made this quilt. He may not have been. He was born on June 25th 1989…almost 20 years ago. Where does the time go. I lived in Germany from January 1987 until August. I have to believe I made this quilt even before then. I know while I was living there I made my guest sister a lavender heart pillow. I went back a few years ago and she still has it. I guess that is one project I have to admit I finished! That doesn’t happen too often. I made my first son’s baby quilt out of some of that same lavender fabric. We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl…purple/lavender to me was a neutral color. Anyway…I digress…

I believe there is one more border that needs to go around the perimeter of this quilt. I do have a pattern that is in a filing cabinet that hasn’t been opened for years. It is all my patterns and saved patterns and treasures from years ago. I guess if I opened it and found the pattern there may be a date, a class receipt, fabric purchase receipts or even the name of the teacher. I know the teacher and pattern design was by a woman named Helen. I think it is Helen Thorne. There are 4 quilts that were designed to go together as a set. I only made the Autumn one… it is truly my favorite time of the year. I am only sorry it is almost over. Almost over…it snowed again today and I had to scrape ice off my windshield this morning (November 11 2008). I would have to admit I am in denial!!! The tree in my front yard has only one leaf on it. ONE! That is a sure sign Autumn is over.

I enjoyed so many aspects of this quilt

  • The scarecrow I hope to add a face some day. There is a crow on the arm sleeve that is not sewn down all the way.
  • The apples are a log cabin design. This fabric dates the quilt. Some of these fabrics I look at today and don’t like as much. Another 10 years and I will love them. They just aren’t old enough…70s…for some reason it’s a hard decade of fabric to love!
  • The stars are in the golden tones I love so much. This is where I used some old clothes and fussy cut some butterflies.


  • The applique pumpkins were a challenge…more psychologically than anything else. I even appliqued the stars. This is still just a top. I know once it is quilted it will be fantastic. I want to do echo quilting in this area of the quilt.


  • I have always liked maple leaves. I have two other quilts that I have made that are Maple Leaf designs.
  • The school house has a clock button for the belfry.
  • The turkeys were also fun to do. I plan to make some more this year into pot holders and give them to family members on Thanksgiving day as gifts.
  • Sunflowers When I made the sunflowers I knew I would some day make an entire quilt with them!
  • The only regret is the one on the left I wish the background and the duck were not so close in shades…they blend together too much.
  • The trees are string pieced. I have a wonderful diamond string piece quilt that may have been a subconscious choice of quilts because of how much I enjoyed the string piecing on the trees.
  • The Flying Geese were done years before paper piecing of flying geese became popular.
  • The black and white Nine Patch/Checkerboard section…who doesn’t like a good black and white quilt. Haven’t made one but I know I will some day! This section has one of my favorite and probably oldest pieces of fabric. It is a piece with these little people on it. I haven’t taken a close up photo but I will.


I hope you enjoy this write up…my trip down memory lane. I apologize the photographs aren’t as clear as they could be. I will update them if and when I can get clearer photos. It is either the camera or the camera operator…..probably the later.

The camera I think is getting as tired as the owner….. good night for now.


One Response to “Autumn Quilt”

  1. jude Says:

    love to hear the story of a quilt.

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