Free piecing/Summer 2008


I have never worked in a free piecing manner. I grabbed a bag of fabrics and pulled all the fabrics in these colors and started sewing. I know I would like to put a basket of flowers in the center white block. I have to research a little more what it will be….research meaning….run across something while liesurely going through a magazine that pops out at me and MAY work in the realm of things.  

What if I take the 1 1/2 inch squares that are the main ingredients in many of my projects and keep going around and around and around and around…. like a chain or a ripple in water.

Well this is as far as I got before dinner called and that was already about a month ago. It was too beautiful a day to be down in the basement in my sewing area. I dragged the machine out on the deck and started sewing away.

Free piecing/Summer 2008

I went to a garage sale this summer and under a tree were a minimum 40 boxes of fabric. The son said in the garage and the basement were another 100 boxes or more. I set my purse down and started to sift through the boxes….with the permission of the son. I told him there was no way I would be able to take more than a box home and keep the peace in the house. He said I could sift through the boxes. I really found a few treasures and will post as I take photos. There is an adoreable embroidered Scottie Dog, a few table cloths, the start of a gingham baby quilt…the blocks all cut out but not sewn together, and I did take home a box of fabric and an old hard cover suitcase filled with the linens. I had to wash everything and dry it when I got home because it had rained and all the boxes were wet.

I have worked on the gingham baby quilt but realized the blocks are not the same size so I have to do some ripping and re-sew a few blocks.

 This horse fabric was in the box. I like it so much I am having a difficult time cutting into it. Has that ever happened to you?

I have to find a way to use this in a large square!!!

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One Response to “Free piecing/Summer 2008”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Its crazy isn’t it. sometimes I find it really hard to use a fabric because then I won’t havie it any more! I don’t have that problem with anything else. The only things that I am driven to accumulate are fabrics. Actually I’m thinking now of another few things! It’s strange- a number of the patchworkers thrift shoppers I know also love vintage and whimsical childrens toys such as stamps. ALSO hand crafted useful things for the home. If there were no libraries I’d probably be the same about books. The horse fabric is gorgeous.

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