Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi #3

This was a major quilt purchase I made while attending the Houston International Quilt Festival a few years back. I purchased 3 quilt tops while traveling around the area. I made a stop at an antique store in Waxahatchi, Texas.

This quilt top was such a great find. Sometimes you see the same fabrics appear in numerous quilts but this one has such unique ones. It makes it very special. In my retirement I will have plenty of tops to quilt to keep me busy!

This photo is my most viewed photo on  Flickr 2427 views with 10 favorites and 14 comments.

I found it on Pinterest too. Most likely the reason for so many views.

In all my years of looking at quilts in books, magazines, online, I have never come across a snowball quilt made in this exact manner.

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi #3

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted


Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi -stripes

Polka Dots

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-polka dots

I think hand stitching this pattern would be the easiest. Can you imagine manipulating those curves on a sewing machine?

Purple Roses….. Vintage fabric at it’s best

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-roses

Pretty blue – this is the best blue ever!

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-blue

Black and green stripes

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-more stripes

The stripes come together to form an X

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-stripes

Safety pin fabric – the best

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi


blogged Jan 30, 2009


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