Sunbonnet Sam

purchased at an antique store in northern Minnesota.

These are some of my favorite blocks

I love this quilt. It is probably the maximum my budget has ever allowed me to pay for a quilt. It was an “I gotta have!” I have passed up many a quilt at antique stores due to the price….now that I have been in Flickr I think I will carry a camera and see if I will be allowed to photograph the quilts that I see and that I am drawn to but can’t afford. I have to draw the line somewhere…but a photo…just one little photo to preserve the memory!

there is history in this quilt…to me it means this quilt NEEDED to be used and the user sewed up the layers in order to keep the back from fraying any more. It was being utilized even in its beauty. A lot of work went into making this top….a lot. This is a “Should I, Would I, Could I”. Should I take the stitches out? Would I even think of removing the back and replacing it with stronger fabric? Could I find that large of a piece of replacement backing of the same vintage? This will remain just the way it is at this time. I have many other projects I am working on. I enjoy it just the way it is!

I really like this cat fabric.

The back of this quilt is shredding. The previous owner machine sewed through all layers to prevent the back from shredding even more.

In need of repair.


Price Tag is still on the quilt

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

Price Tag is still on the quilt

I like how many ties are in this quilt. Many tied quilts have just one tie in each corner. This one has 4 ties on each side of the block. The blue ties coordinate very well with the  blue borders. I think originally this quilt had no machine sewing on it.


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