Mary Ann in our Tuesday Quilt group had made a quilt similar to this and I liked it so much I had to make one for myself. Mary Ann was one of the first members to the Tuesday Quilt group. She was also one of the first members to move away. She had a cabinet full of quilts in her house and I would love going over there to quilt amongst this wonderful collection of quilts. I had never belonged to a group of quilters before. Mary Ann moved to Florida and then later to Massachusetts. I am certain she is still quilting today even though I haven’t talked to her in years.

The second member to move away was Kasey. I will never forget the whole cloth quilt she made and hand quilted. I don’t know of any one else who has taken on the challenge of making a whole cloth. I doubt I will ever accomplish one.

Over the 15 plus years we have been meeting we have watched each others children grow. We said goodbye to Wendy, the founder of our group, when she died of cancer. Another member has battled cancer and is in remission now. Lately it seems we are going through a round a knee surgeries. I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

One member moved to Hawaii for a few years and remained an active member. She participated in our group projects. She returned to the group after she moved back. It’s nice to have her back… I am no longer the youngest.

I have always been fascinated by buttons. I was so excited when my sister gave me a jar of buttons. The minute I saw Mary Ann’s quilt I knew what I was going to use that jar of buttons for.

Don’t you just want to eat a piece of chocolate when you see this button!

I went to Ireland a few years ago. Most people will buy a sweater or a souvenier from the Blarney Castle I bought myself some buttons.

This button to the left reminds me of a Christmas poinsettia. I just had to put it with the red and green plaid.

I especially liked learning how to make prairie points and adding them around the border of this quilt. It allowed me to put all kinds of buttons around the perimeter.

This quilt has developed a few flaws. Eventually I will take pictures of all the fabrics that have bled. The purple block in this quilt did a number on the white fabric. I also used it in the border and it bled in that area as well. It is a gorgeous piece of fabric that I would have liked to put in other quilts. I will certainly not use it in something that will be washed on a regular basis. (Any recommendations on how I might get this out…without destroying the quilt?) I would have wanted to do more quilting on this quilt but now that it has the two spots on it I am going to just leave it as it is. Lessoned learned.

10/14/08 It was so fun to come across a blog and Flickr picture of a quilt similar to this one

I found another one. She has other photos on her site with this quilt on a quilt ladder. I would like to have a quilt ladder some day!!!

Buttons & Bows


One Response to “PLAIDS AND STRIPES”

  1. nettie Says:

    I love the plaid, and the buttons are so cool! I don’t know what to tell you about the bleeding fabric–that’s so frustrating. What a great quilt.

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