Basket Signature Quilt

This is a group project from the Tuesday Quiltin’ Babes Group I belong to. We are currently at our max of 12 members. We rotate and meet in each others homes. It can get a little tight at times and often 2-3 discussions are going at the same time.

Each block has the signature of someone in the group. We all made 12 blocks and then each of us designed a basket quilt in the color scheme we wanted. I had to have this sunshine golden color. The center six blocks are a slightly lighter golden color. I intend to quilt a sunflower or a daisy in each square. I drew one out years ago and have misplaced it. I never get too excited about not finishing a quilt. I like to work on a quilt that is in the season we are in or like now…the season we are moving into. Maybe now that I have written this I will pick it up again.

We are heading into football season. 11 weekends of college football games. This would be a good lap project to work on during halftime.

I like the puffiness of the basket after it is quilted.

It is probably best you can’t see the back too well. My stitches have that folk art quality to them…not intentionally. I do need more work on my hand stitch.



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